Not-So-Obvious Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Isn’t it surprising that 45 percent of the total world population uses social media? This stat by social media management platform Hootsuite tells a brand can’t thrive as a brand in Michigan if you aren’t taking social media marketing seriously. 

In a bid to become a favorite of consumers, the brands often commit some mistakes. To ensure this doesn’t happen with you, we have discussed not-so-obvious social media marketing mistakes to avoid. 

A common mistake among internet marketers using same content strategy for every platform. This issue is observed even among renowned brands. When, in reality, each platform must have a content strategy. For example, Instagram is more about sharing candid photographs and something casual related to the brand. Whereas, Facebook revolves around more informative stuff, sometimes expansion of what’s been shared on Instagram. We can write an entire article talking about the difference between the two. For now, let’s shift to another important issue. 

Deleting Negative Comments

We all love positive comments from our guests. But, this shouldn’t mean that deleting negative comments is a good idea. A credible brand would rather resolve the issue of the customer and post about it for others to see. A frustrated customer whose comment you have deleted might get angrier, and start posting more negative stuff about your brand. Various marketers state how a pissed off customer asks his/her friends to share/retweet the post that talks negatively about the brand. Avoid such scenarios by taking the negative comments seriously. 

Talking only about your brand

Someone who’s visiting your brand’s page might be interested more about gaining knowledge about the industry you are interested in. A lot of individuals visit a brand page specifically because they like the useful content you are creating and sharing. It, therefore, crucial to have a balance between promotional and generic content. 

Not having a human touch

An individual will prefer to connect with humans over a faceless brand. At least, this is true for new brands. Build human contact by posting pics of your team members. And, let the customer support representatives put their names at the end of each response. Think of your brand as an individual, especially when publishing posts. Trust us; you will start noticing a considerable difference. 

Posting irregularly 

It is a common observation: a new brand prepares a marketing strategy and forgets to publish even a single post after a few days. Online marketing tools that let you schedule the posts to appear as a savior in such cases. A social media marketing agency from Michigan.also ensures you don’t fall prey to this mistake. 

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